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Selected Families and Individuals


Thomas BELLINGHAM [Colonel]

WILL: The will of Thomas Bellingham is recorded in the "History of Kilsaren, Union of Parishes, County of Louth," page 325.

EDUCATION:According to "History of Kilsaren, Union of Parishes, County of Louth," page 49-50 he entered Trinity College in Dublin on February 16, 1660.

OCCUPATION: "Burke's Peerage and Baronetage", page 239 states that Thomas Bellingham was a Colonel in the army of King William the III, and acted as the King's guide during the campaign and march from Dundalk to the Boyne during the civil war, for which James II burned down Castlebellingham in revenge.

HEIR: Survived by his only son, Henry Bellingham.

BIOGRAPHY: Colonel Thomas Bellingham kept a day to day journal covering three years of his life. A microfilmed transcription of it exists at the Family History Library, Salt Lake City , Utah.

Colonel Henry BELLINGHAM

BIOGRAPHY: Apparently at some time he was a Colonel in the Army.

Henry Tenison BELLINGHAM

DEATH: Tombstone says that he died while leading his men as a Captain of his Majesties 4th Regiment of Foot soldiers storming the Badajos in Spain.