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Selected Families and Individuals


William BELLINGHAM [Sir]

OCCUPATION: According to "Burke's Peerage and Baronetage", page 239, he was a "secretary to the Right Honorable William Pitt (who was then Prime Minister) and afterwords a Commissioner of the Navy" in 1801. He apparently was a Minister of Parliament, representing Reigate, Surrey, England. He was created a Baronet on 19 April, 1796.

BIOGRAPHY: According to one source, a city and a bay in Washington state (U.S.A.) are named after him. Apparently he died childless.


BURIAL: "History of Kilsaren, Union of Parishes, County of Louth", page 260 gives her date of burial. Page 80 also states that she and her husband were buried in the churchyard, not in the family vault.


WILL: The will of Henry Bellingham is recorded in the "History of Kilsaren, Union of Parishes, County of Louth," page 325.

OCCUPATION: "Burke's Peerage and Baronetage", page 239 and "Irish Pedigrees", page 43, states that he was a Minister of Parliament for county Louth like his father.