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Selected Families and Individuals



BIOGRAPHY: created a Baronet in 1620 according to "Irish Pedigrees", chapter 5, page 43. Minister of Parliament for the county of Westmoreland.

(Lady) Dorothy BOYNTON

DEATH: This individual was said to have died during childbirth

(Sir) William CHAYTOR

BIOGRAPHY: Burke's Commoners mentions that he was knighted by King James I.




BIOGRAPHY: "Burke's, Peerage and Baronetage", page 238 and "Irish Pedigrees", 5th edition, volume 2, page 42, lists several titles given to him. Among them are: "Knight of the Shire for Northumberland (in 1570), and a Bencher of the Inner Temple." He was also one of the King's council at Yorkshire. His residences are also listed in the preceding sources as Helsington and Levens, Westmoreland, England. Also owned lands in Appleby, Westmoreland, England and in Bellingham, Northumberland, England. It also states that he was the father of at least ten children. His gravestone epitaph lists fourteen children It is also believed that these children were from his second marriage to Dorothy Sandford. He was a noted colector of rare coins which were inventoried at his death. He was described by colleagues as a "grave, witty man, good in religion", and "learned in the law".

OCCUPATION: Treasurer of Berwick from 1557-58. Elected a Minister of Parliament in 1571. Sheriff of Westmoreland County 1572-73.

Katherine DUCKETT

MARRIAGE: "Burke's Peerage and Baronetage", page 238 mentions the marriage of this individual to Alan Bellingham.

DEATH: early death is assumed due to the remarriage of her husband to Dorothy Sandford.