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Selected Families and Individuals



BIOGRAPHY: "Burke's Peerage and Baronetage" on page 238 states that he participated in the Battle of Stoke in the year 1487 and was lauded for capturing a man named Lambert Simnel, but that is disputed by another source in "Herald's Report of the Battle of Stoke" and in "Patent Rolls, Henry VII" pt. 1, pages 239, 356-357, pt. 2 pages 10-11 and 140. "Irish Pedigree's", chapter 5, page 42 states that he was Knighted on the field after this battle as was the custom. In "The Heraldic Visitation of Westmoreland", page 39, it states that Sir Robert Bellingham was disinherited by his father Sir Roger Bellingham.


BIOGRAPHY: In "The Heraldic Visitation of Westmoreland", page 39 states that she was the second wife to Sir Roger Bellingham and then that she was married to his son Sir Robert Bellingham. The source also states that Sir Roger Bellingham disinherited his son. It is unknown whether the disiheritance it had to do with this bride swapping.


OCCUPATION: 'Farmer' according to the marriage certificate of his son William Bellingham.

OCCUPATION: Unemployed 'Laborer' according to 1881 British census. His death certificate lists his employment as "Iron foundry worker".