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Selected Families and Individuals



OCCUPATION: Victualler according to the Registers of St Pauls, Covent Garden, London, England, volume 34.

William Amos BELLINGHAM Sr.

BIOGRAPY: History of Allegan and Barry Counties, Michigan; page 237-238; FHL microfilm 1000079.
William Bellingham was born March 20, 1800, in the town of Rutherfield, Sussex Co., England, where his ancestors had resided for more than a century, and being what is called in England small farmers. His father, Joseph Bellingham, at one time owned a small farm, which he sold, and then rented a large farm, which he was working at the time William was born. William grew to manhood on the farm in Sussex County, going to what was called a charity-school, and which was kept by his uncle. William's brother-in-law had emigrated to America, and sent back such glowing accounts of their farm and home in the New World that Mr. Bellingham resolved to cast his fortunes in the same country, and with his wife and children left England the spring of 1833 (actually 1835). They landed in New York, from whence they went to Troy. Their money being exhausted, Mr. Bellingham went to work in a market-garden, where his son William A. also worked. In August they came to Detroit. Where they found themselves out of means, save a half dollar. The family and goods were located in the street, where they were to stay until Mr. Bellingham and William A. would walk to the brother-in-law's (Mr. John Young), in Washtenaw County. As they were about to set out, a stranger came to them and asked what they were doing in the street. On being told that it was for want of means to do any better, he at once invited them into his house, to stay until Mr. Bellingham returned. They then invested their half dollar in crackers and cheese, and set out about four o'clock in the afternoon for Washtenaw. That night they slept in a straw-stack and the next day reached their destination. William A. and his cousin returned for the family, whom they found with the kind stranger, who refused to take any pay for his kindness. They found Mr. Young, like the most of the early settlers, the owner of a farm scarce anything else. They remained with him a short time, then went by themselves, Mr. Bellingham working at whatever he could get to do, mostly ditching. He finally got enough ahead so that he bought of the government forty acres in the town of Lima. To this he added eighty acres, all of which he traded for the west half of the southeast quarter of section 15 in Gun Plain township, Allegan Co., and on which he located in 1844, and where he resided until his death, Nov. 2, 1878. His farm he cleared and improved and enlarged to three hundred and twenty acres. He was a Democrat, and held the offices of justice of the peace and township clerk. Was a member of the Baptist Church. He was highly esteemed by his neighbors and fellow-townsmen, and is spoken of as one whom to know was to admire and respect. Mr. Bellingham was married Jan. 18, 1819, to Miss Phillis Powell, who was born March 28, 1800. There were born to them the following children: Catherine, born April 9, 1822; William A., born Nov. 19, 1824; Ellen, born April 20, 1827; Ruth, born July 19, 1829; Esther born May 9, 1832; Ann, born Sept 28, 1834; Sarah, born July 7, 1838; and Orpha, born Jan. 6, 1843,-the last born in America. Mrs. Bellingham died Jan. 2, 1844. Sarah, married July 4, 1853, Ralph Richmond, who was born in Twinsburg, Portage Co., Ohio, Feb. 22, 1828. Their union has been blessed with two children, viz.: Lucy, born Sept. 25 1859, and Ernest, born Oct. 15, 1869.

The family was in Lima,Washtenaw Co. Mich. in Nov. of 1839 to Nov. 1840, according to tax records for that area.

The British Schooner "Alfred," mastered by Thomas Gravett of Rye, England. It arrived in the Port of New York May 9, 1835 with 79 passengers. Among them was the family of William and Phillis Bellingham and Peter Powell, father to Phillis. Destination was Michigan.
William Bellingham age 35 Laborer Where going? Michigan
Phillis " " 33 "
Kitty " " 12 "
William " " 10 "
Ellen " " 8 "
Ruth " " 6 "
Esther " " 4 "
Anne " " 6 mos. "
Peter Powell " 72 "

WILL: Register of Deeds; Allegan Co. MI.; 1883-1889, Vol. 95, pgs. 360-361; 1883-1889; FHL microfilm 1017930.
William Bellingham's will dated September 9, 1878. He mentions his wife Louise, son William A., five daughters Catherine Preston, Ellen McLin, Esther Crossfield, Sarah H. Richmond and Orphy J. Ross. Received for record November 9, 1891.

Philadelphia POWELL

The History of Allegan and Barry Counties Michigan, page 238, states Mrs. Bellingham died January 2, 1844. The cemetery record for Woodside states she died in 1846. In Louise Bellingham's obituary it states that she was a resident of this community since 1847. I would say this would be the year that Wm and Louise were married. No record has been found for that marriage.


BIR-DEATH: Bellingham Book, pg. 2, complied by Florence Munn Ullrey, Sept. 1, 1974.
Ann Bellingham, born Sept. 28, 1834; died April, 15, 1853.

CENSUS: 1850 Michigan Allegan Co. Otsego and Gun Plains; I find Ann recorded with her sister and husband; page 83; also recorded with her parents; page 25.

BURIAL: Unknown, probably Woodside Cemetery in Plainwell beside her parents. If there was a head stone it may have been destroyed.