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Selected Families and Individuals



Address when married: 28 Elswick East Terrace, Newcastle

Draper's Clerk. Address when Agens was born [1873]:
70 Harle Street, Gateshead

Bookkeeper. Address when Bertha born (1875):
19 Robinson Street, Sunderland

Bookkeeper. Address when Grace born (1878):
16 Athol Road, Sunderland

Cashier. Address when Annie born (1881):
East Boldon

Grocer's Cashier. Address when Kitty was born [1884}:
East Boldon

Commission Agent when Grace was married [1901]


Address when married (1872):
41 Victoria Street, ?

Lived at the Hydro in Hexham when Eve lived at Greenacres at Slaley,Northumberland.


George Skinner was born in West Malling on 10th July 1816, third child of George and Susannah Skinner (nee Jupp). The Skinner's were tradespeople in the town of West Malling, in the business that had been started by George's grandfather Robert Skinner during the late 1700's as Brickmakers and limeburners. Later they became builders in the town. The Skinner's lived in Prospect Row, in town houses that overlooked the Abbey grounds. George learned the building trade from his father and was happy and comfortable in the family business but it did mean being away from home for extended periods. George brought his new wife to West Malling in the secure knowledge that she would be surrounded by his family who knew and understood what it was like to be alone during these times. Unfortunately, it was during one of these trips away that Anne took ill with pneumonia and by the time he arrived home she was gone, their eldest son Thomas signing as being present at her death. They had been together 31 years and George missed her, but life had to go on and he needed to find a mother for the youngest of the children. On one of his trips away to Surrey, where a lot of building work was going on at the time, he met Elizabeth Dunk. Elizabeth was a spinster born in Pembroke, Wales and was the same age as George. They were married in Bermondsey Surrey on 3rd August 1871 then George took her home to meet the family. Little Harry took to her straight away, he was too young to remember his own mother. They lived in Swan Street West Malling, Elizabeth taking over the role of mother and George still off on his building trips. It was on one of these trips that George died and was buried far away from his home in West Malling. Harry stayed home with Elizabeth until he was 30.


Anne Bellingham was born on 30th November 1814, at The George and Dragon Inn in Wrotham, Kent, sixth child of Aaron and Pheobe Bellingham (nee Gorringe). Ann had eight brother and sisters, all born at the Inn where her father was a Licensed Victualler. Ann's mother Pheobe, died when Ann was twelve years old. The family were, by that time, living in the Borough of St George 's Southwark but Pheobe was buried in Wrotham The Bellinghams were a very affluent and wealthy family so the marriage of Ann to George Skinner in 1838 was looked on favourably by both sides. The Skinners had been builders in the town of West Malling for several generations and were connected to the Baldwin's another well to do family in the area. George and Ann had ten children during their 31 years of marriage. Then during the summer of 1869 Ann, her youngest child just five years old, caught pneumonia, she died on July 1st of that year. She was buried at West Malling.