Some things you should know before searching the database.

1. I owe a major debt of gratitude to many individuals who have helped me over the years in my Bellingham research efforts. That list of people include: Don Asquith, Al Luce, Rebecca Cockrill, Alison Gilewski, John Bellingham (Aussie John), Gordon Brown (my cousin), Stella Bellingham Trenholm Satern, Ann Rawlinson, Maureen Smith, Boyd Gray, Daryll Bellingham (the story teller), Bruce Lord, Nick Reddan, and many others too numerous to mention. I will be forever grateful for all of them. Without them there would no Bellingham genealogy web site.

2. The only rule I have for this web site is: NO WHINING!! This means that if you bother sending me Bellingham names or any genealogical data, don't come whining to me later saying you didn't want it published on the site. That's the whole idea of doing genealogical work, to find out about your kindred dead while simultaneously (and perhaps unknowingly) helping someone else in the process!! One of the reasons Bellingham genealogy is so difficult to trace is because too many people are worried about who they might offend or what their longdead ancestors might think, and as a result many people horde their genealogy in their dusty attics, dingy closets or in faded family Bibles. TRUST ME, they want to be found!! This site is to help you and me in achieving our genealogical goals by making all Bellingham genealogy available (except the living, as they have rights) to as wide an audience as possible. The only way this site gets bigger and better is by helping one person here connect to a family group that pushes his ancestry back, say, three more generations, or for some other person there, who provides me with a vital link that helps to make sense of multiple family groups who don't currently fit in a linked pedigree.

3. At last count this web site contained 4009 individuals, an almost 33 percent increase from the last major update done in January 2003. The majority of the names on this site are Bellinghams. The rest are spouses of Bellinghams, and the parents of the spouses of Bellinghams.

4. This latest update includes major additions of Australian Bellinghams (several hundred)and many various Kent, England Bellingham groups (also several hundred new names), as well as additional research on many previously established Bellingham pedigrees (Main Baronet Bellingham group, Bann Valley Bellinghams, Charles Thomas Saker Bellingham group, and the numerous Richard Bellingham/Mary Sawyer descendants etc.)

5. To search the database for your particular Bellingham interest, go back to the main page and click the link that says: Name Index - SEARCH THE DATABASE HERE -

6. If you know of any errors in my data, please let me know by E-mail, me giving me a reliable source, if possible. I have spent hundreds of hours preparing this data. However, unfortunately errors can creep in.

7. In the near future I will be publishing a book with all of my Bellingham names. If you might be interested in such a book please E-mail me at the address below.

8. If you know of a good Bellingham web site on any subject (doesn't have to be on family history or anything genealogy related) let me know via e-mail and I will add a link.

9. Thank you to all who have contributed their genealogy to help make this site one of the main gathering places for those interested in Bellingham genealogy. Much progress is being made, but only with your help.

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