Hello, welcome to the Bellingham Genealogy web site. This site is devoted to genealogy of of the Bellingham surname and all things Bellingham. This is your web site as well. In order for this web site to grow and be as useful as possible, I NEED YOUR HELP!! I not only encourage and welcome any clarifications, additions or input you can give, but they are a necessity. So please, send me your Bellingham genealogy so that others can take advantage of this web site as well.

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  • Bellingham Winery of South Africa Try some award winning Bellingham red wines from South Africa!!
  • Bellingham Hotel in Castlebellingham, Louth, Ireland Come rest your weary head at the castle built on some of the family's ancestral lands in Ireland!!!
  • Film of Augusta Mary Monica Bellingham wedding to the 4th Marquess of Bute, John Crichton-Stuart on July 5th, 1905 at Castlebellingham, Louth, Ireland This is a rarety!One of the earliest films taken in the British Isles
  • The Diary of Colonel Thomas Bellingham (1646-1721), an officer under William III. This diary covers the years of 1688-1690 and gives accounts of the Battle of the Boyne in Ireland
  • The Sussex Weald A lot of Sussex county Bellingham data (with some good source data), a considerable amount of material on this particular site for you to digest!
  • Bellingham references in newspaper extracts from various Irish newspapers circa 1750-1840 courtesy of Nick Reddan


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  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
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